Welcome to the web site for our new home

– Unifor Local 7575!

The site is new, but growing already. Just like our local. Keep coming back here to get the latest updates on our move to Unifor, where we can continue to be the amazing membership driven local we have built over the years through our own hard work and determination.

Together, we have organized workers at numerous properties and along the way boosted the political power of hospitality workers. We have fought for good union jobs and community benefits, have regulated short-term rental companies like Airbnb and pushed back against hotel conversions to condominiums.

It has become clear, however, that we can no longer continue to do such amazing work in UNITE HERE. We will not be held back, and we will no longer play the games of division and distrust that have come to define our relationship with the US union.

With our new home in Unifor as Local 7575, we will be twice as strong. Unifor already represents 19,000 hospitality workers across Canada, working for common employers such as Fairmont, Larco, Hilton, Aramark, Compass, Sodexo, Marriott and Woodbine.

In our own as part of Unifor, we will have the same leaders, committee, activists, campaigners, Shop Stewards and Bargaining Committee members who made Local 75 what it is. Our home will change, but the great work we’ve been doing will be able to continue and grow.

Throughout the move to our new home, your local is committed to open, honest communications, and transparency. The American union, however, is resorting to scare tactics and untruths to try to convince you to stay with them, and making outrageous allegations to justify their own decision to put our local in trusteeship and seize the assets that we have built.

It won’t work, because their allegations are so easily proven wrong.

Take just one example.

When Lis Pimentel filed a factum in court about our troubles with the US union, Donald Taylor responded – amazingly without actually trying to refute any of what Lis said.

Instead, he unleashed an exaggerated stream of allegations against Lis. What allegations there were – and there were about half what Taylor claimed – all came from the same small group of people who have been Taylor’s allies and have acted in the interests of the US union, not the local and its members.

But see for yourself. In the interest of transparency, you can read all the documents here:

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