Fairmont Royal York Bargaining Documents

On May 1st, 2018 Fairmont Royal York voted down a tentative agreement recommended by their trusteed Local. In many ways, the deal recommended by the trusteed local was worse than the most recent company offer rejected by your original bargaining committee in December 2017 (before the trusteeship and before most of our original bargaining committee was replaced by the trustees and the International).

We’ve posted bargaining documents here so that you can read for yourself:

1) The company’s offer in December 2017 – REJECTED by the original bargaining team.

Note the list of “notices to the union,” outlining concessions requested by the company and rejected by the original bargaining committee (page 11-12). (The list of agreed-upon gains may also look familiar)

2) The May 1st “Final Offer” – recommended by the trusteed local

Note especially Point 16 which states that the employer “maintains all notices provided to the Union to date.” See document #1 for a list of “notices,” many of which we would call takeaways or concessions.

3) The trusteed local’s description of the May 1st deal

Note there no mention of the wage freeze prior to May 1, nor any mention of concessionary “notices to the Union,” the combination of classifications in F&B outlets, the sous chef’s permission to do bargaining unit work or the employer’s ability to unwind our Transit Pass.

4) The trusteed local’s leaflet about the May 1st deal

5) The Employer’s description of the May 1st deal

CLICK HERE to read a letter from our old bargaining committee about what’s missing from the May 1st “deal.”


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